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Health by Harlow: Empowering Wellness with LyfQuest

Health by Harlow: Empowering Wellness

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In today’s blog post, we have the pleasure of introducing Jenee Harlow to the LyfHax Podcast. Jenee is the owner of Health by Harlow, a wellness company that focuses on personal training, group workouts, meditation, stretching, wellness workshops, and Bible studies.

Jenee has recently incorporated LyfQuest, a powerful mobile client relationship management platform, into her business operations.

In this interview, Jenee shares her experience as one of our Original Design Partners using LyfQuest for her business and how it has revolutionized her approach to running challenges and engaging with her clients.

Meet Jenee Harlow:

Jenee Harlow is a certified personal trainer and the founder of Health by Harlow. With expertise in one-on-one and partner workouts, Jene also excels as a group instructor, coach, meditation and stretching teacher, and workshop host. Her commitment to holistic wellness and personalized fitness experiences sets her apart in the industry.

Discovering LyfQuest:

Jenee has been utilizing the LyfQuest as a Design Partner since its early stages. With a desire to enhance her business and engage her clients in innovative ways, Jenee found LyfQuest to be the perfect solution. Let’s delve into her journey and learn about the transformative impact of this platform.

Running a Seven-Day Challenge:

One of the most exciting ventures Jenee undertook with LyfQuest was a seven-day challenge. She shares how the tool helped her reach a wider audience, engage participants through various features, and provide them with personalized tasks, workout videos, and motivational notes. The challenge proved to be a resounding success, prompting Jene to plan more similar events in the future.

Benefits for Fitness Professionals:

Jenee emphasizes the advantages LyfQuest offers to fitness industry professionals. With the ability to run multiple challenges simultaneously, cater to diverse groups, and automate tasks, trainers can expand their reach and save valuable time. Jenee discusses how this platform empowers trainers to focus on delivering exceptional experiences while Life Quests handles the organizational aspects.

The Power of Branding:

Jenee shares her enthusiasm for LyfQuest’s brandable feature. She explains how she customized the app with her own branding elements, making it look and feel like her own personal fitness app. The ease of uploading tasks, videos, and graphics adds to the seamless experience of managing challenges and keeping clients engaged.

Future Aspirations with Life Quests:

Looking ahead, Jenee envisions incorporating online scheduling, launching a blog or podcast, and leveraging the growth potential offered by LyfQuest. She is excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to witness her business thrive in this dynamic digital space.

Client Feedback and Recommendations:

Jenee reflects on the positive feedback she has received from clients who appreciate the personalized engagement provided by LyfQuest. By creating tailored challenges and delivering exclusive content, Jenee has fostered deeper connections with her clients, enriching their fitness journeys.

Why Choose LyfQuest for Your Business:

To conclude, Jenee highlights the key advantages of LyfQuest for small businesses. She emphasizes the platform’s ability to centralize client interactions, segment clients into groups, and unlock a multitude of growth-oriented features.

Beyond task management and challenges, LyfQuest provides a home base for businesses to reconnect with their clients and nurture their personal development.

Connect with Health by Harlow:

If you’re intrigued by Jenee’s approach and want to join one of her challenges or learn more about Health by Harlow, you can visit her website at or find her on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok under the handle @HealthByHarlow.


Jenee Harlow’s integration of LyfQuest into Health by Harlow has proven to be a game-changer for her wellness business. Through challenges, personalized tasks. To learn more about what LyfQuest can do for you send a message in our chat.

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