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Kalena’s Story

The world we live in can easily be labeled as a world of excess. There is more, more than ever before. If you need to watch a video to learn something new, there are thousands to choose from on YouTube. If you need to read an article to keep up with certain changes happening in an industry, there are pages and pages from which to choose. When it comes to tools to use to help run your business online, it is no different. LyfQuest has never sought to be just another option. LyfQuest’s mission is simple: to not be just one more thing, but the thing you need to provide space for growth. 

The origin of the story of LyfQuest is not much different than a lot of other story’s beginnings. It started with a moment of stress. It started with a moment of frustration. It started with the thought, “there has got to be a better way.” 

LyfQuest is the brainchild of Kalena James and her team of professionals throughout many different backgrounds and industries. Kalena is a well-regarded leadership development consultant and the founder of LCR Coaching. Through the growth of her business, where she’s helped professionals maximize their potential and unlock their staff’s organizational strengths, Kalena’s deep knowledge and coaching style make her perfectly positioned to lead the development of a tool tailored to the industry.

As mentioned before, LyfQuest comes from a real, organic need for a better way to operate your business and help others. This is just one of the many reasons LyfQuest is special. It has been created, from start to finish, by the people who had the same frustrations as the customer base of LyfQuest. This toolis allowing self-help professionals to increase their overall impact with their clients, without also increasing the frustrations and stress that come with owning and operating a business.

How is LyfQuest allowing professionals to increase their room for growth, you ask? Let us explain. Imagine looking at your grocery list and thinking that you have to go to a different store for everything on that list. That would be insane, right?! The simple task of buying groceries would be a full-time job for someone. That is why grocery stores exist! A grocery store makes it easy for anyone to go into one store and get everything they need. The same goes for LyfQuest. Instead of having to use a few handfuls of different softwares to run your business, LyfQyuest has integrated multiple needed tools into one simple software, saving you time, money and headaches.

At Lyfquest we believe that the work our subscribers do day in and day out is changing the world. The ripple effect that our subscribers originate with their customers is easily seen across the globe. We believe that with LyfQuest, the time and headaches you save by using our solutions make those ripple effects not only longer but larger. Our subscribers save time AND increase the impact they are having.

The software is launching at a time where the self-improvement industry is ripe for expansive growth. A recent market analysis found the industry will reach an estimated $56.66 billion in worth by 2027, representing a 5 percent expansion. The research also forecasted a continued strength in the personal coaching/training sector, placing LyfQuest in a strategic position to provide solutions for veterans and newcomers into the industry.

Want to learn more about how LyfQuest can become the thing you need to provide more space for growth and also help you live your life forever? Click here to sign up for software today.

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