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What is LyfQuest?


Are you tired of paying for subscriptions every month? Do you get frustrated that these tools don’t work together or offer everything you desire for your business? There’s a brand new software on the market called, LyfQuest. This tool, inspired by Kalena James, has been built to serve dynamic professionals in the self-improvement industry. Dynamic professionals like yourself, offer multiple services and require multiple tools to manage things from client relationships, learning resources, paywall of resources, and more.

  • Why LyfQuest was built.
  • How LyfQuest helps new and experienced professionals.
  • What the LyfQuest platform can do for you.

Why LyfQuest was built.

Kalena James, a well-renowned life, career, and relationship coach, found herself challenged by the tools on the market designed to support her and the multiple services she offers. Kalena was spending money on subscriptions for platforms that did not fully meet her needs. One tool gave her the freedom to automate emails but did not give clients access to booking appointments. The appointment scheduler she had invested in was great but it did not include the email automation. As Kalena began to look around it became more and more evident that she had to invest in 4 or more subscriptions just to operate her business smoothly. How in a world do we have so many tools that we lacking a tool that does it all????

If you are looking for a Web Console with a Mobile App, LyfQuest was built to fill the need for dynamic professionals like Kalena, like yourself. Get ready to manage your coaching business in one place. This all-in-one tool is designed to help run multiple services and businesses under one platform. Reimagine the way you operate your business by elevating your user experience.

How LyfQuest helps new and experienced professionals.

Organize Multiple Businesses

Brandable Mobile App

Email Communication

Calendar/In-app Rescheduling

In-app Stripe Paywall

Chat Automation

Program Automation

Video Conferencing

Create e-Learning

Payment & Invoicing

Progress Tracking and Journaling

Large File Sharing

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Push Notifications with Reminders

What the LyfQuest Platform Can do for You.

Creates the experience of a large company with a team as you run and manage your business by yourself. LyfQuest’s founders built a tool that saves you time while bridging the connection to your deeper audience.

LyfQuest: Not just one more thing but THE thing you need to provide space for growth.

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